Return to the Blue Lagoon วิมานนี้ต้องมีเธอ

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Return to the Blue Lagoon วิมานนี้ต้องมีเธอ

While the general theme of this film resembles "The Blue Lagoon" (the film for which this is a sequel), the basic plot is quite different. We open the film with a ship finding the craft with our original characters in it, Richard and Emmeline dead and Paddy alive. Established in the first film, the only word Paddy ever says is "Richard", so the crew assumes Richard is the infant's name. Taken in by Sarah, a widow with an infant baby girl Lilli, Richard (Paddy) is cared for in a return to civilization. Struck by cholera, the crew of the ship start to die and the captain sets Sarah, Richard, Lilli and a healthy crew member on a lifeboat in an attempt to preserve their lives. With water and food running short, the crew member escorting Sarah and the children becomes dangerous, so Sarah takes the only course of action she feels suitable to preserve the children: she strikes him and throws him overboard.

หมวดหมู่ : Adventure หนังผจญภัย, Drama หนังดราม่า(ชีวิต), Romance หนังรัก โรแมนติก

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IMDB : 5.2    ปีที่ฉาย : 1991     ภาพ/เสียง : HD Thai